Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Our Christmas episode doesn't start out very Xmasy if I remember correctly and warning for those who listen around young kids who still believe in Santa: at one point someone blurted out that Santa isn't real. We also talked about Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays and my strange relationship with Judaism and why it sometimes feels icky when people make a point of saying "Happy Holidays" or rather, why it felt icky growing up. But this one isn't all conflict and outing Santa. We also talk about soda wars, what everyone's doing for the holidays, Greg's eczema, favorite Christmas programming and an off-the-cuff Christmas-themed #AL quiz. Plus we did a round of holiday themed Just Me Or Everyone. (This just in: on the episode I referred to it as an "extravaganza" not a "spectacular." It's both!)

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