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Michael Showalter Returns

Michael Showalter and I go way back to 2006-ish when I did a series of interviews for Time Out New York/PS1 Radio (they were very early podcasts, actually) and he was the first person I interviewed. Over the years I've interviewed him many more times and I always love talking with him, probably because I'm such a huge fan of his work from The State to Wet Hot American Summer to Stella and now Neftlix's Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp (not to mention The Baxter and Mr. Funny Pants and all the projects I'm forgetting). It was fascinating to find out how he regards his own success and how the Netflix series, he says, "changed the narrative." Also he recently made a film called Hello My Name is Doris starring Sally Field and Max Greenfield and it was heartbreaking and beautiful. We also talked hypnotherapy (I was inspired to make an appointment after our conversation), kids, NY work ethics vs. LA work ethics (and the cultural differences in general), cats, tennis and sportiness. Plus we took your questions over twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone. (BTW, still trying this thing where I write the episode summaries in EXTREME FIRST PERSON. Is it still working? Lemme know. Ok bye.)

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