Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend
More Big News, Meeting Teen Idols, Al's New Restaurant

After more big news and the revelation of an amazingly exciting-to-Alison potential podcast booking, we discuss meeting people we've been huge fans of since childhood and the way these encounters don't always go as smoothy as we wish like when Jenna met a Backstreet Boy and Jeff met his favorite member of the Monkees. We also talk about who #AL wants to host his funeral (hint: it's not Jenna), Al's new restaurant NOR, the worst gymnastics lesson ever, gardening, Jenna's Vanderpump/Real Housewives rabbit hole and so much more. We also did a fruity cookie snack chat and doled out some advice to listeners who wrote in with questions about career direction and whether it's ok to end friendships that no longer feel particularly friendly. And we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and talked about an adoptable dog with a cleft lip named Jasper.

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