Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Special guest Ali Segel joins us on this episode where we recap our fun day at Podfest and discuss a 6-day-old piglet that Alison fell in love with and wants to protect from assholes at The Grove, weirdness at frozen yogurt shops, Al's experience with hot eats and cool treats, Jenna's infamous free Chipotle streak, Ali's battles with agoraphobia, corn stealing, corn mazes, compliments and insults from children and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and featured an adoptable dog named Major.


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Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife) stops by the show to talk about not feeling comfortable in her own skin growing up, being cross-eyed as a child and having multiple surgeries to correct her vision, shame associated with eye contact, being enamored of the hierarchy inherent in comedy, her transition from improv to stand up, coming out in college, her evolving feelings about Catholicism, the way lesbians are constantly "processing," struggling to be in the moment, lists and goals, working with her wife Rhea Butcher on Seeso's Take My Wife, the difference between what the church says about women and her experience being a woman and so much more. We also took listener questions and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.


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Jensen Karp stops by for a discussion of UFC fights and how much money we would need to let someone pummel us, money and materialism in general, Alison making the mistake of not asking a million questions at a restaurant, how to pronounce croissant, crystals and sage, superstitions, Jensen's new podcast with his mom "the fancy witch" and creepy older dudes. We also hear another excerpt from Jenna's journal and offer advice to young listener trying to get over a confusing, tumultuous relationship. Plus Snack Chat, a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Buddy.


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Sophia Amoruso, bazillionaire entrepreneur, author of New York Times bestseller #Girlboss and producer of the forthcoming Netflix series about her life, stops by the show to talk about founding the hugely successful e-commerce site Nasty Gal and how it started as an eBay vintage clothing store, hosting #Girlboss radio, the soon-to-be-released Nasty Galaxy, congratulating her mom when her parents divorced, living on her own at a young age, shoplifting, jail time, how to be successful on the internet, not taking no for an answer, being on the cover of Forbes, Girlboss moments, armpit farting and more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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Alison has a cooking/science question and she wants to know if #Al knows. Greg is back with a story of a memorial sandwich. Jenna made a video about pumpkin spice wherein she overdid the pumpkin spice and Daniel's brought saladitos—a Snackchat item that results in a first ever for Snackchat (you'll have to listen to hear what happens). Plus Alison's destroying her new maternity jeans and the group discusses convertibles in a round of Yes Please or Oh Puh-leeze. Plus Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Dagne.

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Christina Pazsitzky (Your Mom's House, That's Deep Bro) stops by the show to talk about pregnancy and motherhood, career epiphanies, the now legendary Cincinnati Fart, who's the real water champ, how labor can be life affirming with the right drugs, dealing with her mother's death, boundaries, her childhood, dogs, feeling alien and so much more. We also took questions from the listeners and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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Alison's feeling huge and Daniel isn't helping. Plus a Greg update, Allan prefers his science fiction to have more karate and Daniel's got a million dollar nacho idea. Then Jenna reads a journal excerpt about prom which isn't exactly the truth. We also discuss permanent makeup and driverless cars and do a #Snackchat involving Pumpkin Spice Oreos and Boo-tterscotch M&Ms. Plus a round of Just Me Or Everyone and an urgent adoptable dog named Princess.

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Comedian, actor and musician Henry Phillips (Henry's Kitchen, Silicon Valley, Punching the Clown) stops by the show to talk about his new comedy special Neither Here Nor There and how he's "always found failure to be hilarious." We also talk about his evolution from musician to comedian, growing up the son of a character actor, always playing someone named Henry, the genesis of the wildly popular cooking show parody Henry's Kitchen, relationships, You and Your Fucking Coffee, Doug Stanhope, social awkwardness and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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Alison reads a journal entry from when she was an unrecognizable to her present day self 16 year old but not before recounting the shock of thinking Daniel was casually taking his life earlier in the day. Plus a debate about Stranger Things (no spoilers), talk of Jenna's comedy special, a discussion of large curd cottage cheese and dollar stores and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and talked about an adoptable dog named Brownie.

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