Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

On the third episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, WTF host and podcast superstar Marc Maron was kind enough to let us invade his cat ranch and interview him on his own turf. We talked about sad songs, sad sex, hateful internet trolls and how to handle them, anger and rage and anxiety and insecurity, relationships, interviewing styles, body dysmorphia, Joe Rogan, “Carolla-tards” and how to keep a relationship alive.We also took a question from the phantom topic sombrero and talked about other stuff which was fascinating and scintillating. We didn’t see any cats, which is curious.

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Dustin Goot--Alison's old sidekick and longtime friend--joins the show to talk about relationships, humane ways to break up, Alison's dating history, Rosenating, burping contests, the difference between real production and doing a show in one's living room, threesomes (and how awkward they are), porn stars who aren't nobel laureates, embarrassing things people do in their cars and why you shouldn't go to dinner with people in business school or keep track of how many times you've been dumped. Also, your phone calls and a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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On the first episode we talked about my hobbit house, Pete’s first sexual experiences and what he’s looking for in a girl (hint: himself) (oooh, that’s an unintentional dirty joke!)(I really just mean he wants a girl who’s similar to him)(Okay enough parentheticals.) Also we talked about Ryan Gosling and deleted tweets and assorted other stuff, all of which is awesome.

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Alison wants to share our official launch date: Monday, February 13th! Have you ever been more excited about anything, ever? We haven't. As a special bonus, here's a clip from her first episode with comedian Pete Holmes.  Enjoy and look for our first full length episode on Monday!

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As we get closer to the launch, Alison wants to share some thoughts and one of the show's songs with you. Enjoy & look for our official launch date coming soon!

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