Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Ok look, this was a weird show. There was tension, embarrassment, statistics and probability (part of our fledgling "What Does #AL Know" segment), egg talk, a discussion of soup, music and whether it's better to have a lot of lights on or very few. Also we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone!

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I first met comedian, musician, actress and artist Kate Micucci years ago when she and Riki Lindhome performed live as Garfunkel & Oates at my first live Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend show at UCB. I've wanted to have her on the show solo to really delve into all things Kate ever since. On this episode we talked about the ways in which she's the same as she was as a kid, what she was like as a kid and her close relationship with her parents, crying at school because she missed them, being a late bloomer, her first kiss, going to three colleges, her love of sunsets, puppet making, her favorite musicals, school dances, hitchhiking and why she stopped, being poor, how she broke into commercials, meeting Riki and writing their goals on napkins (she still carries one with her to this day), sitcoms, relationships, being sheltered, swearing and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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This episode features the birth of an on-the-fly-off-the-cuff segment entitled, "What does #AL know?" in which we attempt to figure out the titular question and also, how the game works. We also talked about sports and finance which is unusual for us and I detailed yet another salad debacle. Also I just had blood drawn and I think my vein hurts which is neither here nor there and has nothing to do with this episode but just saying, weird arm sensation. And we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and Daniel revealed some of my secrets.

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Comedian and podcaster April Richardson stopped by, hoarse from singing David Bowie songs at the top of her lungs the night before, to talk about all sorts of stuff including growing up an only child and how she thinks that impacts her relationships today, what she was like as a kid, not getting along with her stepdad or stepbrothers, her relationship with her mom, her relationship with her father who she only met a handful of times, how she felt when she learned her father was dying, forgiveness and anger in general, dating type A guys, living in England with an unrequited crush before coming back and going to college, her obsession with Bob Odenkirk, working at Chelsea Lately, recently meeting Mark-Paul Gosselaar (she's the world's biggest Saved by the Bell fan and hosts Go Bayside!) and her thoughts on marriage, ghosts and pedicures. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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If you've ever wished to go to dinner with me, you won't after hearing this episode. Also, we talked about Jenna's ice-pack maxi-pads, things Greg overheard at the Farmer's Market, junkyard kittens, things Greg feels shame and guilt about, my experience on Anna Faris's podcast, Daniel's feelings about food, car washes, the new show intro and more. Plus we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and I even took a video during the segment.

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You might know Susie Meister from her many seasons on MTV, first on Road Rules and then on The Challenge. Or maybe you know her from her podcast Brain Candy which she hosts with fellow MTV'er Sarah Rice, or the one she hosted before that, The Meister Piece. When she first popped up on screens she was known for being super religious (pentecostal) but over the seasons her beliefs changed and now she has a different relationship with religion, along with a PHD in Religious Studies. We talked about her experience on MTV and her thoughts about reality programming in general, her morphing relationship with religion, how her mom feels about her no longer being born-again, motherhood,  marrying the sound guy, hoarding versus purging, Timmy from Road Rules, scrunching versus folding when it comes to wiping and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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My God, who names these episodes? Just kidding, it's me, the person who was awake for a harrowing surgical prep and who has maybe changed her mind a little about Versed because it turns out certain kinds of discomfort cut right through the haze and wake you right the fuck up. Also waking me up? The steroids they put in the IV during the last egg retrieval. But this episode isn't only fert alerts, we also learned what everyone did for New Year's Eve. One person's evening involved a magician! Also we discussed hypnosis, both the parlor trick kind and the therapeutic kind and then we had an extra special snack chat involving chill pipes and Utah's own chocolate cinnamon bears. Then things nearly came to blows over Red Vines vs. Twizzlers and other controversial candy and we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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I met Jay Larson back when I was a guest on The CrabFeast and have wanted to have him on my show ever since. It finally happened and I learned all sorts of things about the man like the fact he has about 12 memories of his father, he now auditions for parts where the characters are described as “surprisingly handsome” which has got to be a bit of a kick in the nuts since he was THE SHIT in high school and definitely handsome in a way that was obvious not surprising, he lives life in the moment and he and his wife ride their bikes to the local playhouse. We also talked about fatherhood, how he met his wife, relationships in general, how he differs from his CrabFeast cohost Ryan Sickler, his love of rude people, Best Bars in America and so much more. Plus we took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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